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First Annual Oriole Advocate Ice Cream Social


First Annual Oriole Advocate Ice Cream Social


social1The Oriole Advocates recently hosted their first annual Ice Cream Social as a celebration of the accomplishments of the year and as a way to honor people who have helped move our corporation in a positive direction.  The Oriole Advocates also selected the winners for the first ever Big Bird Award.

What accomplishments did the Advocates celebrate?

  • We were excited to be a part of the movement to improve the funding formula, which resulted in increased funding from the state for Avon Community Schools. (see Funding Fundamentals)
  • Due to the new funds, ACSC was able to hire quite a few new teachers. The total of new positions for this year is now up to 30.85.  This has made it possible for our class sizes to be reduced significantly – giving our students a better environment for learning.

Who did the Advocates honor?social2

  • Our state legislators, Sen. Pete Miller and Rep. Greg Steuerwald, attended the Ice Cream Social, and we thanked them for the key roles they played in moving our state’s funding formula in the right direction. We appreciate all of their work to make our schools better!
  • We were honored by the attendance of the some of the brand new teachers who were hired because of the new funding we are receiving this year. We look forward to tremendous impact their additions will make for our students and schools.

social3What is the Big Bird Award, and who won?

To be a candidate for this award, an administrator, teacher, support staff worker, volunteer, parent, or community member must have demonstrated one or all of the following: elevate, empower and enliven others; extend their efforts so that their work reaches beyond that of their peers; elucidate the achievements of others in the school system.

We were so pleased to have these nominees for 2015:

  • Laura Campbell, parent volunteer
  • Barb Doll, support staff
  • Kristin Isbell, teacher
  • Lori Kennard, teacher
  • Kris Kingery, administrator
  • Cathy Klemmensen, volunteer
  • Jeff Lewis, Avon Police Officer
  • Annette Patchett, administrator
  • Jaymie Popcheff, teacher
  • Joel Powell, teacher
  • Andrea Rader, teacher
  • Dean Westman, teacher

For their outstanding service to our schools, Dean Westman and Officer Jeff Lewis were selected as this year’s winners for the first annual Big Bird award!  We appreciate their fantastic efforts!  If you’ve been witness to people who have gone above and beyond for our schools and are deserving of the Big Bird Award, be sure and inform one of our Oriole Advocates, so we can recognize their efforts, and consider them for next year’s award!  We are so grateful for the efforts of so many to make our schools the best they can be.

We look forward to next year’s Ice Cream Social!social4


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