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Oriole Advocates take stand regarding TIF districts


iconRecently, the Oriole Advocates took on research and discussion regarding TIF districts. A Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district is a development tool that municipalities use to encourage growth. An easy-to-read summary of how a TIF works and the impact on Avon Community School Corporation is included in our background review that you can download here.

Following meetings with the Oriole Advocates where discussions were held regarding this issue, the Oriole Advocates moved to the resolution below. This stance has been provided to the Avon Town Council with a request to forward it to the Redevelopment Commission.


This Resolution is not directed toward any particular entity, developer or location, nor is it intended to impede economic growth and development. Instead, it is simply a statement that the Oriole Advocates believe represents the sound use and implementation of Tax Increment Finance (TIF) districts.

This resolution is consistent with our Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles as provided here.

The Oriole Advocates believe that –

If multifamily residential housing is to be considered within a TIF district anywhere in Washington Township, then there should be provisions that require the increased tax revenues to pass through directly to the schools and other local taxing entities.

The above resolution was approved unanimously by the Oriole Advocates present at the meeting of August 27, 2015. This document was subsequently edited for technical accuracy and finalized by the executive committee on September 10, 2015.

Oriole Advocates Executive Committee

Trilby Berry-Tayman
Rosie Blankenship
Kyle Campbell
Karen Eglen
Jennifer Mills
Sarah Parent
John Sparzo

Oriole Advocates Membership in Favor

Susan Caveney
Julia Collings
Linda Dobbs
Suzann Gray
Nancy Johnson
Christopher Kates
Kristi Kerr
Kent Mueller
Steve Pearl
Angelia Ridgway
Mark Rodgers
Amanda Sparzo
Martha Sparzo
John Torbit
Dana Unison
John Unison

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