Oriole Advocates

Avon kids matter

About us

Oriole Advocates are a group of concerned citizens — parents, grandparents, business leaders, teachers and others — who are working to promote student achievement and community engagement in Avon Community School Corporation (ACSC) schools. We are not part of ACSC and do not speak for the corporation. However, we do work closely with administrators and teachers because we all have the same goal: making our schools the best they can be for our children.

Currently, we are advocating for change to the Indiana school funding formula. We approach other subjects related to the advancement of our schools as we see fit.

We appreciate the engagement of our community on this website and our social media channels. We support constructive conversations. We appreciate questions that relate to the work we are doing.

We do not require that everyone agree with all of our points! However, we do request that dissenting opinions be presented respectfully and constructively.

We are an all-volunteer group and do this work to support our children. We reserve the right to remove or block comments that go against our mission, vision and guiding principles or to ban any person from this site who does not act with respect to others.