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Introducing Best of the Nest


The Oriole Advocates want to tell the story of the great things that are happening in our school corporation, and we need your help!  We will be writing a blog called “Best of the Nest,” and we will publish it once a week.  We need input from you!

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Projects or events that are enhancing student learning or student growth
  • Events or performances where students get to exhibit their hard work
  • Programs or clubs provided by our schools in which we should take pride

If you want to tell us about something that fits one of those criteria, we need a few details about it, such as:

  • How was your project/program developed?
  • How does it promote student learning and student growth?
  • What will be happening with your project in the future?

We want to hear from teachers and administrators!  Our goal with this blog inspire people to support our schools because of the work YOU are doing to give our students the best possible educational experience, even though much of our work has been to raise awareness of our challenges.

If you have a story you want us to tell, please email orioleadvocates1@gmail.com (Best of the Nest in the subject line), and let us know the details, and we will write it up – and of course, we’ll send you the link once it is published!

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