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Numbers follow up on funding changes


To follow up with the most recent school funding news, the House Republicans budget bill (House Bill 1001) is a positive step forward for public schools compared to Gov. Pence’s proposed budget.

  • HB 1001 projection includes a student growth projection for Avon of 2.1% – increasing the projected increase in funding. It is important to compare the per student funding.
  • HB 1001 is estimated to bring $180 more per student next year; an additional $151 the year following. A total of $331 more per student compared to today’s funding.
  • If Avon’s student enrollment did not change, that would result in approximately $1.5 M new money next year and $1.3 M new money the following year.

We will continue to follow this closely. Please continue to reach out to our legislators. This is simply a first step in the budget making process. This is not done. This budget will potentially go through changes and the Senate will be getting involved.

It is also an estimate based on several assumptions. For example, this assumes a certain level of increased enrollment for these numbers to be accurate.

Again, this would increase Avon $180 the first year and $331 the second year. Obviously not the $550 to get us to state average, but a positive step in the right direction.

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